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Did you know you can send a gift card on Facebook? makes it quick & easy!  You can send the e gift card instantly or even schedule the delivery up to 1 year in advance. What a great way to plan for birthday’s and other special occasions!  A convenient but much appreciated gift!  You can see the Amazon page by clicking here Send a Gift Card on Facebook.

There are those that say giving a gift card is way to impersonal.  I completely disagree as would my family and friends.  My husband is thrilled when I give him a gift card because he can buy what he wants.  I have no idea what tools or fishing equipment to buy him. So in my opinion I believe a gift card is suitable for many occasions.

The Amazon Gift Card Facebook page allows you to choose from 99 gift card designs for different occasions. Once on the page you can connect to Facebook and quickly choose your recipient by clicking – See my list of friends.  This saves time by not having to look up email or mailing addresses. You can enter the dollar amount you want to give by selecting a drop down box or by entering your own amount.

I like the text box that allows you to enter a personal message or greeting.  The message along with the design of the gift card you have chosen will be posted on your friend’s wall.  You can check a box where the message itself will be hidden.  Only your friend can see the amount of the gift and the Amazon code.  Amazon allows you to see an example of the wall posting before completing the process.

Another feature which I really love is the option to deliver instantly, or you can schedule delivery of the gift card up to one year in advance!  No more missing birthday’s or special occasions.  The Facebook friends window conveniently displays the birthdays of all your friends.

The checkout process is quick and easy by just entering payment information.  You are then able to review all details before clicking “Place Your Order”.  You will also be able to see the gift was delivered by simply looking at their Facebook Wall.  All in all it’s a very simple, quick and easy process to send a gift card on Facebook.  You can view the Amazon Facebook page by clicking here Send a Gift Card on Facebook.

Another great benefit of the Amazon-Facebook gift card is no shipping charge of $4.00 compared to sending a physical gift card.  Never having to leave your house to fulfill a last minute need is a great thing.  The Facebook interface is seamless and easy to use.

We have totally surprised friends and family when they open their Facebook page to find a Amazon gift card from us.  This is a great birthday gift for a teenager!  We gave one to our grandson and he was thrilled, and had the time of his life trying to choose what to buy with it.  Email use is almost non existent for teens through 20-something so an excellent way to deliver a gift is to send a gift card on Facebook.

We also buy other gift cards from Amazon rather than from retail stores just because of the enormous selection they have.  Our son’s and daughter-in-laws love getting the Kindle & ITunes Gift Cards, and the restaurant gift cards.

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